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CARY GRANT in Rockmount Shirt No. 640 c) 1960s

Cary Grant, one of the greatest Hollywood icons past or present knows another classic when he wears it.

COLORADO GOVERNOR JOHN HICKENLOOPER WEARS ROCKMOUNT. Our friend, former brew pub entrepreneur, knows a good beer shirt when he sees one. Formerly the mayor of Denver, it was his idea for Rockmount, a Colorado original, to make the official DNC shirts. An old family friend, he wrote a cover blurb on the Ask Papa Jack book. Now the Governor of Colorado, John is a better judge of shirts and hops than horses!


Reba McEntire’s band was here and bought a pile of shirts to wear at the 2011 Country Music Awards where they will play for national television. They also appear with George Strait and will wear them on tour to over many venues around the country in the next few months. from left to right: Jim Kimball - guitar, Bruce Bouton - steel guitar, Jimmy Mattingly - fiddle

Anne Hathaway and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain

Anne Hathaway in Brokeback Mountain wearing Rockmount red plaid shirt #7930.

Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain pivotal scene at end with Rockmount plaid shirt. These shirt later sold for over $101,000 at a charity auction.

Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain wearing Rockmount plaid shirt. This shirt later sold for over $101,000 at a charity auction.


Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live 12/11/2010 wore not one ROCKMOUNT shirts but TWO!
The one on the right is no. 6199 royal blue satin with white piping, a 1970s design by Jack B. which was reintroduced for Japan in 2007 so we made some extra and how Sir Paul found one is anybody's guess? The shirt on the left is our signature Sawtooth design.

XMAS is definitely here! Santa put a little cheer in the holidays by having Paul McCartney wear Rockmount on national tv. Papa Jack would have been impressed. Even Colter, my 12 year old son (who thinks Green Day is bigger than the Beatles), gets how cool it is.

I don't watch SNL often but turned it on by chance, and am glad I did. PAUL McCARTNEY! When I saw him in the first shirt, a vintage satin shirt we made in the 70s and reissued a few years ago it raised my blood pressure. Then I saw the second one, a cover shot, and I nearly managed to stay up to watch the entire show! I texted everyone I could while watching the show. People love this. My roommate from college in England wrote back "Wow, maccer is a snapper! (This must be Brit speak -- think tabloids...)

This has resonance like when Eric Clapton invited me to the Cream Reunion. I met Paul briefly in the Green Room after the concert. I was too embarassed to actually have a conversation with him. In fact, I could have taken photos but was trying to stay cool. Tom Hanks came up to speak with us and we did get a photo with him, taken by Ringo. I just could not bring myself to get photos with the others....

-- Steve Weil, 3rd Generation


The US Congress asked Rockmount to design this special limited edition shirt for Members of Congress.   These Rockmount shirts were worn during the DNC in Denver. We have also made special shirts for the RNC for many years.   We are proud that both parties wear Rockmount. 

DNC Custom Shirt


Back in 1988 when there was still an Iron Curtain, Steve Weil (now president of Rockmount), was traveling in Europe when he spray painted the Berlin Wall. A year later the wall fell...

This little bit for democracy became far more meaningful when Major Ted Cassin, USAF, MSC sent this email with photos from Afghanistan.

Major Cassin writes: 


Just wanted to share a photo you might find interesting. I took this photo while assigned as a medical mentor to the Afghan National Police surgeon general's office at a local medical clinic in Kapisa Province Afghanistan.

I would have been sporting one of your awesome shirts but this was the best I could come up with given the situation.  My family and I are big fans of your products so my care packages were filled with a shirt, scarves, and assorted Rockmount Ranch Wear goodies.

Thank you,  Major Ted Cassin, USAF, MSC

He is sporting his new Rockmount Hawaiian Habiscus vintage design No. 6706 with Steve Weil.